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 I  Honestly  don’t  consider  myself  a  muscian..  It  just  kinda  happened... Parents  got  me  into  music  young  with  the  school  band playing  drums  in  6th  grade  I  think...  My  parents  have  always  been  into  live music  since  I  was  young...  attending  my  first  concert  at  7  year  old, the  took  me  to  see  Alabama  &  it  was  amazing!!!  My 16th birthday present was tickets to see one of my favorite bands “ The Eagles” if that tells you anything....


I hosted  my first real  party in  7th  grade  for  my  birthday  &  I  knew  then  I  loved  entertaining  people...  While  in  the  military ,  I  continued  to put on  house  party‘s  &  that  eventually  lead  me  to  become  a  nightclub  D.J.  ....  Which  led  to  bartending.  I  LOVE  IT!  No  other  Job  you  can  meet  so  many  diffrent  people  up-close  ,  make  good  $$,  &  makes  it  easy  to  travel....  Oh,  and  I enjoy  the  beerz


I’m  an U.S. Air  Force  veteran.  I’ve  struggled  over  the  years  after the  end  of  my  enlistment to  embrace  my  service,  as it  took  me  away  from  everything I  ever  knew  &  understood....  I hope to someday  create  a  small  non-profit  that  helps  veterans  to  reasimalate  back  into  society  after  serving...  

Jesse ray stout @ Chrissys lake Tavern

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